One Fine Day

Busy Bee.

It’s been gorgeous here in Portland this weekend (highs in the upper 70s!), and somehow I’ve managed to be both ridiculously productive while also sneaking in some time to catch some rays. 

Since yesterday morning, I’ve accomplished:

  • Reading 9 journal articles for two different classes
  • Writing a two-page reflection on four of those articles
  • Coming up with six different discussion questions from the readings
  • Reading about 22 pages worth of classmates’ reflections
  • Coming up with an idea for a research proposal
  • Grocery shopping
  • Laundry
  • Going to the mall and buying a bikini(!)
  • Running to the dry cleaners
  • Starting work on a presentation

I also got out for a birthday celebration on Friday evening (which included lots of delicious food and lots of skating!) and went out for pho with two friends last night. And, to make the most of the beautiful weather, I went for a run yesterday, and plan on going for another one this evening!

Whew! What a weekend. I’m going to San Diego this Wednesday-Saturday for a professional conference, so I need to be on top of all my crap before I leave! 

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